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You’ve researched and subsequently hopefully bought the correct SODIMM(s) with which to upgrade your laptop but are left scratching your head over just where to install them? Why don’t laptop manufacturers just make your life easier by giving clear instructions instead of regularly acting as if too much to ask? Truth be told that’s something only they truly know the answer to, meanwhile let’s try and lift the strain off your shoulders by offering you some pointers in where to look, after all who needs their help anyway?

Underneath your laptop

The vast majority of laptops feature two memory slots which are located on the underside of your laptop, or if you wish to be technically savvy the back side of its motherboard. To check whether this is the case, simply turn your laptop upside down. You’ll likely spot several bay covers held down by one or more tiny screws. Depending on your laptop model these will hide the memory, the wireless card, graphics card and/or processor, or any such combination.

The bay containing the SODIMM’s is usually one of the larger ones so first perform a glance of your laptop’s underside and then once you think you’ve spotted one that might contain SODIMM’s put your small screwdriver to use. Not found the right one? Simply proceed via the same route until you find the right one. What if you’re still unlucky? Should this be the case, it’s time to move on to your keyboard. PG Slot

Under the keyboard

Select laptops that feature two or more memory slots may hide SODIMM’s under their keyboard. To unravel this mystery you will need to figure out which screw(s) hold the keyboard down so you can remove them to loosen it. Sometimes this will be one screw, at other times think along the lines of four or more. Unfortunately, it’s not always clear sailing and thus in order to remove the keyboard you’ll sometimes be required to first remove the palm rest and/or other screws that aren’t immediately obvious. One worthy thing to remember is to note what screws go where when it comes to piecing it altogether again. This is especially true if you’ve removed screws of various sizes and lengths. Once inside try not to nudge the flat cable that runs from your keyboard connecting with the motherboard.

After all the churn the above has likely caused, you should be rewarded with unmasking one or more memory slots. This will be certainly be the case for laptops that have two memory slots on their underside and one or more memory slot(s) under the keyboard. If the former slots were already occupied by SODIMM’s and the latter are not then install your new laptop memory upgrade here. If you’re still left wondering where the slots are then proceed onto the palm rest.

Under the palm rest

Your laptop isn’t making life easy for you is it? If you own a professional business model laptop then you’ve likely already located some of all the memory slots your laptop offers only to find they’re already preoccupied then try the following. Similarly to looking under the keyboard research how you can remove the palm rest area. In laptops that feature four memory slots the lower part of the chassis which houses the palm rest will detach separately to the upper section. As with the keyboard, the palm rest’s section mouse pad will be connected via a flat cable with your laptop’s motherboard, remember not to knock it thus risk damage. Unless your high-end business laptop already shipped outfitted with four SODIMM’s, the slots under the palm rest will be vacant.

Houston, I still can’t find my memory slots

If none of the above suggestions helped you locate the memory slots then it could be that your laptop model isn’t intended to be upgraded. This is particularly true in cheap laptops as well as the majority of netbooks. Such devices have their memory soldered onto the motherboard, which cannot be removed and thus replaced without specialist equipment. Should this be the case then unfortunately there’s nothing you can do. In such scenarios it might be a good idea to consider upgrading your hard disk drive (HDD) for a modern solid state drive (SSD). While virtual memory is by no means as high performance as conventional memory, even when simulated on a SSD, you’ll notice a much smoother overall user experience.

Houston, all my memory slots are already full

If after all the above your efforts go in vain only to discover all memory slots are already filled with SODIMM’s then there’s really no option than to remove existing SODIMM’s to make way for new ones. Before you embark on such decision however, check to make sure your laptop isn’t already running the maximum capacity it supports. In some cases this will hold true while not in others. Remember that although adding more memory than your laptop officially supports is at times possible and thus does enable stable operation, it’s not always this simple. To save yourself the inconvenience and potentially money loss don’t go assuming this to be true unless you understand the underlying hardware and its specifications.

Houston, is there any shortcut to knowing which slots are free?

In short, the answer is yes but that’s still only part of the full picture. While you can equally learn how many memory slots your laptop contains as well as which are currently occupied by SODIMM’s via software such as CPU-Z, AIDA64 etc., this doesn’t offer you any indication as to where they are physically located inside. As a result, while you’ll learn the valuable piece of information that is the number of memory slots present in your laptop, you will still need to look on its underside and/or under the keyboard/palm rest to discover their physical whereabouts.


Online Loans

Online loans can save you a lot of time and money and give you fast access to our top lending companies on the market. There are a number of different loan products available but they generally fall into the category of secured loans and unsecured loans. People take out online loans for small and large sums of money and for a host of different reasons. It may be to buy your first new home, do home improvements, go on holiday, buy a car or to consolidate a number of outstanding debts on store and credit cards or loans. VayTienOnlineEB

If you’re a homeowner you can apply for secured online loans. These loans are granted using your home as security or collateral and because the lender has your home as insurance against the loan they are taking less of a risk and will offer you lower interest rates. You are taking a greater risk because you’re betting your home that you will repay the money you have borrowed. This means that if you should fall on hard times and are unable to pay back the loan you will be putting your home in danger of repossession.

A mortgage loan is also a secured loan because the lender has the property as insurance until it’s paid off in full. There are two types of mortgage online loans: interest only and repayment mortgages. In the case of interest only mortgages, only the interest due on the amount borrowed is paid monthly so the capital does not diminish through the period of the mortgage. The borrower takes out an alternative repayment plan by investing in an ISA (independent savings account), an endowment policy or a pension. With a repayment mortgage a portion of the capital and interest is paid monthly so the borrowed amount decreases with each payment until, at the end of the term, the property is paid in full.

Unsecured online loans are offered at competitive rates from loan companies but interest rates are higher as a rule than for secured online loans. This is because the lender is not given any insurance or collateral to back up the loan. With a higher perceived risk comes higher interest rate. The granting of these loans and the exact interest rate you are offered depends on a number of different factors. These include your past credit record, your financial situation and your ability to pay back the money to the lender. Even though it appears that you are taking less of a risk with unsecured online loans, in practice, the lender can still take out proceedings against you if you default and don’t pay back the loan.

The interest rate charged on online loans varies from one lender to another and is known as the Annual Percentage Rate or APR. The APR charged also changes depending on the method of application; applications by telephone can have a higher interest rate than for online applications. This is due to the fact that the lender saves money on overheads with online loans and passes this saving on to you. In order to compare the APRs from different companies it will be easier if you are familiar with the different ways in which interest rates are quoted.

A interest rate that is fixed means that the amount you pay each month will not change along with ups and downs in the bank base rate and you’ll know exactly how much you will need to budget each month. A variable interest rate means that the amount you pay each month could change through the term of the loan, depending on fluctuations in the bank base rate.


Matched Bets – The Massive Form of Free Bets That You Must Consider Upon

Do you have an enthusiasm to turn into a gigantic speculator? Is it accurate to say that you fear hazard factors engaged with wagering? In the event that any of your answer towards both of these inquiries is truly, at that point without a doubt you are unconscious about the use of free wagers. For the greater part of the individuals who are amateur to the internet wagering, for nothing out of pocket wagers may simply be a limited time proviso offered by bookmakers to draw in them. In any case, for those, who realize how to bet shrewdly, these wagers are the most conspicuous way to deal with bring in cash and that too in an issue free way.

Baseball Betting – America’s Favorite Past Time

Despite the fact that it sounds insane to acquire from free stakes, however because of the expanding rivalry among the bookmakers it’s completely valid. Presently, with regards to gain these wagers, it is strongly recommendable to decide on coordinated wagering. It is so in light of the fact that this kind of stake doesn’t rely on any of the result of your first stake which is required in the event of other free wagers. Thus, regardless of whether your first stake wins or loses, the bookmaker will acknowledge your wagering represent the free wager. Here, it is likewise critical that the measure of free pay will be indistinguishable from the measure of your first stake. State for example, your first wager was put to be £ 30, at that point a free match wager of total £ 30 will be moved in your record. While managing match wager, the main thing that you require to do is simply register yourself with a dependable bookmaker. What’s more, the rest relies on your karma and the authenticity of the bookmaker. judi online

Presently, without a doubt you should be asking why the terms karma and authenticity are referenced here while this wager for nothing is moved into your wagering account with no earlier condition. All things considered, it’s consistent with some degree. However, the main consideration which you should think about free wagers is that the money you can pull back from them is just the sum that you win. For instance, on the off chance that you place your £ 30 free stake on an occasion at the determination of 3/1, at that point the sum that you can pull back will be £ 90 and you can’t utilize that £30 for additional wagers. In this way, on the off chance that you free the wager, at that point the sum payable for you will be zero. Along these lines, you should be very cognizant while putting down a free wager.



Keys To Understand The Importance Of Organizer Software

What Does Organizer Software Do?

An organizer software is an application that helps you to achieve your short term and long term goals in many different ways. It can have a feature that lets you create your own to do list, or it could help you organize your contacts. It can remind you of important dates, and can help you take note of important things you must remember to do. Basically, an organizer software helps you organize the different aspects of your life, and can keep your personal and professional schedules and goals work together without conflict.

Do You Need One?

Almost everybody needs an organizer software. You can be a student or a professional, and you can be an active young adult or a serious businessman. As long as you have tasks to finish and appointments to keep up with, organization will always be an important aspect to make sure that you do not miss anything.

What Can You Use It For?

Students can use it to keep track of classes and projects, as well as extra curricular activities. You can use a special software to remember when your next exam is coming up, or when you plan on taking a break and meeting up with friends.

Professionals can use it to schedule meetings, and plan on how to fit three meetings and a power lunch with college buddies in one day. You can also use it to take note of important points discussed in one of your meetings, and when you need to submit that big report your boss asked you to do.

A full time mom can use it to remember schedules for your son’s soccer practice, and your daughter’s ballet recital. You can also use it to remember trips to the dentist, and things you need to get from the store.

As long as you have things to finish, dates to remember, numbers to take note of and appointments to keep, an organizer software can help you keep your life organized, and will minimize the chances of you forgetting something or failing to finish a task.

What Do You Need To Look For?

Different software have different features and functions, and differ in so many aspects. This is why you have to know which software fits your lifestyle best, and which one could help you finish more tasks in the most efficient manner.

  • Features and Functions Included: although there are features that are similar to almost all organizer software such as calendars, address books, to do lists and the like, there are some features that can be unique to one software alone. These unique factors are often the deciding factors on whether the entire program could work for you or not. For  shareit for pc  example, your calendar may give you the option to send you notifications to your email. This feature would definitely not work for someone who is not online all the time, and would be better if there is another option to notify you through your mobile, which you would have more access to.
  • Ease of Use: organizer software have different functions, and being able to navigate through all that should be your primary criteria. Functionality will be a waste of time if you will take forever to figure things out. Remember the software is there to make things easier, and not to make it more complicated.
  • Compatibility: make sure the software you are eyeing is fully compatible with the program or system that you have. Although a lot of organizer software cater to different systems, there are some that only allow full functionality for very specific ones. Avoid frustration over features that you could not use by making sure that your system supports the software.
  • Help and Support: since this software will pretty much hold your life together, encountering problems with it will make a big impact on your daily schedule and the tasks you need to complete. This is why the level of support that you will be receiving from its programmers should be reliable, and should be able to help you out anytime. Make sure that you have an easy way to contact support, as well as a list of FAQs that you can check for quick reference. Look around for forums on the software as well, as other users can help you figure things out especially if they have encountered the same problem at one point.

Truckload Logistics Management – Why You Shouldn’t Choose Management Based Third Party Logistics

In order for your company to make as much money as possible, it has to save as much as possible; and if your company has shipping needs, how you handle your shipping process can have a significant impact on your bottom line. In order to save the most money on the shipping process, companies that don’t employ fulltime logistics professionals pursue one of two logistics management options: hiring a third party logistics provider or implementing truck load logistics software. Traditionally, companies outsource their transportation logistics. But with the technological truckload logistics management solutions that are now available through truck load logistics software, more and more companies are deciding to take control of their own shipping process through logistics software.  trucking and logistics

If you currently use management based 3PL and are satisfied with the results, you may not be aware of how management based 3PL really works. Although 3PL providers offer their clients truckload (TL) shipping solutions, the paramount goal of 3PL is not to provide shipping companies with the best logistics operations for their shipping process; the primary is to make money for 3PL companies. Management based 3PL companies earn their money by seeking out discounted shipping arrangements with carrier companies. The carrier companies offer the discounts because 3PL-providers supply a steady stream of business that more than offsets the discounts. But once management based 3PL providers receive the discounts, they don’t pass the savings on to their customers.

Calling management based 3PL providers middlemen might sound hyperbolic, but that’s essentially what they are. They know that companies that don’t employ fulltime logistics professionals have to look for logistics elsewhere, and they supply logistics at a price that defeats the purpose of pursuing truckload logistics management in the first place: to save as much money as possible. Because 3PL providers have to realize a meaningful price differential between the price discounts offered by carriers and the price that they charge shipping companies, 3PL providers only work with carriers that offer preferred discounts, meaning that a company’s range of TL shipping solutions is ultimately contingent on the 3PL provider’s needs and its clients’ needs. By implementing truckload logistics management software, companies can increase their range of shipping options and realize the same shipping discounts that 3PL providers realize, the difference being that the discount increases only a shipping company’s bottom line and not a 3PL provider’s.