Making Good Vehicle Lifts Even Better With Additional Auto Lift Parts

Amateur and professional mechanics need their vehicle lifts, but the little flaws this equipment can have makes a job very frustrating. With some brands, a design flaw prevents them from working their best or causes it to wear out faster. It may just be that certain parts are showing strain and will eventually become dangerous if they are not replaced. In either case, a large number of auto lift parts exist that can repair the equipment. You can eliminate the little hassles associated with them and make your repairs more efficient.

Twin Post Equalizer Assemblies

Some vehicle lifts have certain design flaws that make them unstable and dangerous to use. Some systems have a low equalizer box that is constantly exposed to moisture and chemicals from the floor. This causes the system to rust and cease.

You can solve this problem in several different ways. You can replace it with a new one, which would be a shame since the rest of it will likely be fine. The lift can be dug up and you can have the damage equalizer box replaced. This also works, but it does require some down time and added expense. Lastly, you can purchase special auto lift parts known as twin post equalizer assemblies to sturdy them and eliminate the problem in a single step.

Water And Moisture Removal

Having in-ground vehicle lifts means there is a constant battle with water. If you fail to keep the water out, the corrosion and rust that results will quickly eat away at the machine’s lifespan. Auto lift parts such as ‘Aqua-Out’ and other water removal systems work to automatically eliminate moisture and prevent build up each time the system is lowered. This can be an added expense, but it is far more economical than replacing the entire thing more often than you should. As an added benefit, you no longer have to stop and pump out the moisture on a regular basis.


When vehicle lifts are designed and produced, they are made specifically for the vehicles that are available at the time. This meets the needs of the mechanics at the time, but what happens when the design of the vehicles change? Heavy-duty trucks and busses are a good example of this.

Auto lift parts such as adaptors are the best way to service new models without being concerned for your safety. Some of these are available premade to fit a specific brand and style of machine. However, you may want to consider custom-made used auto parts adaptors. These are created for a specific piece of equipment and machine to ensure you get the level of clearance, safety, and convenience needed to perform quality repairs.

Twin post equalizer assemblies, adaptors, and water removal systems are just a few of the auto lift parts that can make your vehicle lifts safe and alleviate the frustration of working with a system that no longer meets your needs. You will find these items will pay for themselves repeatedly.

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