Why and Where You Should Buy Diamond Engagement Rings Wholesale

If you are reading this article then you are probably thinking of buying your engagement rings wholesale because you’ve heard that you can save a lot of money this way which is true but you’ll have to make sure you buy from a bona fide company and avoid some pitfalls which I will address in this article.

The first thing I would like to mention is that you will most probably find your best deals on the internet. There are many companies that specializes in wholesale diamond engagement rings and they offer great prices because they don’t have as much overhead as regular brick and mortar jewelers. wholesale ring Think about it, these companies buy their diamonds bulk and they don’t have to pay for a huge storefront in downtown and hire a ton of sales reps, cleaners etc. They don’t have to worry about high utility bills and all the goodies that comes with running a regular brick and mortar business.

So it makes sense that they offer the best deals and you can literally save thousands on your engagement rings. I saved $1500.00 by doing it this way. Unfortunately there are many companies popping up that isn’t so legitimate. They sell you fake diamonds or they send you a much worse quality diamond than what you paid for and in many instances you won’t even know it. Your diamond might fall out of the setting and you try and call the company only to find out you can’t reach anybody. This can be very frustrating especially since we all know an engagement rings isn’t cheap.

There are however a few high quality internet wholesale retailers who are very reputable and offer great customer service and prices. Further on this article I will reveal a list of these high quality companies but first I want to tell you about one important thing to look out for.

Make sure you buy from a company that has certified diamonds and especially certified by the GIA (Gemological Institute Of America) These diamonds are inspected one by one and issued a certificate by the GIA which is an independent company. This way you will know that your diamond is the real deal and the certificate also makes it worth more.

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